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Sealants are substances used to block the passage of fluids through surfaces or joints. They ensure airtight and watertight seals in various applications.

How to Select the Ideal Sealant


When choosing a sealant product, durability is key. Choose one that withstands extreme weather, temperature changes, and other harsh conditions. A durable sealant ensures long-lasting protection and minimal maintenance.

Type of Surface

The type of surface plays a crucial role in choosing the right sealant. Different surfaces require different types of sealants. For example, a sealant suitable for wood may not work well on metal or glass. Always check the compatibility of the sealant with the surface you intend to use it on.


Consider the specific use of the sealant product. Some sealants are designed for kitchens and bathrooms, offering resistance to mold and mildew. Others are ideal for outdoor use, providing UV protection and weather resistance. Identifying the primary use helps in selecting the most effective sealant for the job.

Using the right sealant product ensures quality results and durability. Choose Neotech Engineering for all your sealant needs and experience the difference in performance and reliability.

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