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A pneumatic cylinder is a device that uses compressed air to create movement. It converts air pressure into mechanical energy, making machine parts move. Neotech Engineering offers various cylinders for different uses, ensuring they work well in industrial settings.

Uses of Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are used in many areas. They are essential in packaging, assembly lines, and material handling. They are also used in robotics for precise movements. In the automotive industry, they control doors and lifts. In aerospace, they manage various systems.

Types of Pneumatic Cylinders

  1. Single-acting cylinder: Uses air pressure for movement in one direction. A spring returns it to its original position.
  2. Double-acting cylinder: Uses air pressure for movement in both directions. It is more efficient and offers better control.
  3. Telescoping cylinder: Has multiple stages for extended reach and compact retraction. Ideal for tight spaces.
  4. Rod-less cylinder: No piston rod outside the cylinder. Suitable for long strokes.
  5. Rotary cylinder: Converts air pressure into rotary motion. Used when rotation is needed.


Pneumatics uses compressed air to move and control energy. Air flows through tubes and valves to drive devices like pneumatic cylinders.

A single-acting cylinder uses air pressure to move in one direction. A spring or outside force brings it back.

Another name for a pneumatic cylinder is an air cylinder.

Double-acting cylinders move in both directions with control, making them more efficient and versatile.

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