• What We Do

    Neotech Engineering delicates to our customers most cost effective products by acquiring information from manufacturer, stockist and distributors.

    We are offering the reliable quality products with on time delivery to exceed the expectation of our customers. We are working together with our customers to become more efficient and profitable through the solutions we provide.

  • Products We Supply

    Neotech Engineering can help you manage the purchase and storage of indirect materials and all the maintenance, repair and operation supplies.

    These includes consumables, industrial electrical and mechanical products and equipment such as Hydraulics, Pneumatic, Values, Sensors, Motors, Pumps, Electronics test assemblies, Bearings, Portable power tools, Measuring and Testing equipment and more.

Why Choose Neotech?

We are very alert to the technology advancement in the emerging markets, to support by delivering the quality products to our customers, so that we can continue to be trusted and chosen by the customers at all the time

Quality Tools, Equipment and Consumables from worldwide recognized manufacturers

Global brands for local customers

Unparalled Quality & On-time Delivery

Expert advise on your Equipment & Consumables requirements

We are providing local support and service for our products

Core Values

Neotech Engineering Pte Ltd has always sought to be a value-driven company. These values continue to direct the company’s growth and businesses. The following are the key principles that guide our business decisions:

We conduct our business fair and transparent manner. Ethics and trust are fundamental to our business.

We build and sustain relationships that are satisfying to our customers through our service excellence.

We continually develop ourselves to maintain leading-edge capabilities by innovating, learning and adapting new technology.

We continually strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the products and services we provide.

We work together with our customers and partners, to develop strong partnerships based on tolerance, understanding, and mutual co-operation.